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Our technology driven recruiting processes combined with personalized approach by industry’s finest recruiters will guarantee your next perfect fit!

At Stenable executive search division, we help large & midsize companies build better leadership teams at top level management positions like C-Level (CEO, CTO, CIO, CFO, CHRO, CISO), Vice-Presidents, Directors, Country Heads, General Manager and more

We approach executive search as your future depends on it – because it does. We start by building a deep understanding of your strategic objectives, culture, and technical requirements to ensure we attract the right fit for the desired results.

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Our approach to executive search engagements:

Build organizational knowledge

We partner to develop an understanding of your strategy and hiring goals, define the scope and develop the search strategy. We work with you to identify the position profile, selection criteria and key success factors. This involves formal stakeholder meetings and in-depth discussions with the hiring committee.

Identify, source and attract

We develop materials, including an executive brief and ad program taking your preferences like confidentiality or any others in consideration, to educate and attract high potential candidates.
In addition to identifying candidates from our extensive national database, we conduct extensive primary research, and leverage the networks of our national and international partners to ensure we reach the broadest candidate pool possible to uncover the very best talent.

Evaluate and assess 

Partner led candidate interviews help us determine the relevance of experience, suitability of style, adaptability to culture and barriers to entry. Our expert executive recruiter will prepare a detailed screening report for each candidate he/she screens to ensure you have a ability to take a informed decision

Select – Onboard – Follow up 

We work closely with you to facilitate your selection of finalists, provide formal psychometric assessments, conduct in-depth reference checks and support the negotiation process. We help you manage the risk of hiring the wrong person with our perfect fit guarantee that is the best in the industry.
In addition to coaching, we offer “Hundred Days”” support service to ensure smooth transitions in to the organization creating a platform for mutual success.


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A detailed assessment of talent should not be restricted to an organization’s leadership hiring alone. To ensure your organization has the people to drive performance, innovation and ultimate success, you need qualified professionals with the skills and competencies to achieve your strategic goals.

At Stenable, we build our success by taking a personal approach with each client and candidate. Our recruiters are trained and certified to source and screen candidates not just for experience & technical qualifications but also to assess the candidates for their cognitive abilities, knowledge, work skills, physical and motor abilities, personality, emotional intelligence, language proficiency, and even integrity. We focus on connecting organizations with top talent for professional, managerial, technical and administrative roles.

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Why Stenable?

Flexible partnership model

Today’s business demand agility. Stenable’s flexible partnership model allows us to be proactive to fulfill your short and long term staffing needs. Our engagement models will not just enable rapid growth and better quality but also saves money and provide better work-life balances.

Access to unique and passive candidates

Many of our candidates are not found by other agencies since they are not on job boards and LinkedIn.
We have a dedicated team of recruiters that work with the candidates exclusively as their recruiting consultants to prepare them in all the aspects of their job search

More quality candidates than just more candidates 

You won’t waste time talking to unqualified candidates or will settle with a mediocre talent to just to fill a role. You will receive hand-vetted candidates with detailed screening checklist and how they rate in the top skills needed to be qualified for the role.

Faster hiring with reduced risk 

Hiring faster is the best way to guarantee that you get the best talent, improve candidate experience and reduce time to hire. In addition, we offer perfect fit guarantee that is best in the industry.
We use the power of technology to achieve what we achieve in minutes than hours or days with 99.9% accuracy. We have dedicated professionals focused on a number of key market sectors and functional areas:

  • Accounting
  • Construction
  • Customer Service
  • Energy / Oil & Gas
  • Engineering & Operations
  • Financial Services
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology
  • Interim Management
  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Office Administration


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Flexible and Responsive Staffing Solutions that will allow you to meet your specific needs, cost savings, enhanced productivity and at the time allows to be as agile as you can be

In today's dynamic markets, contract/temporary staffing solutions can offer agility, cost savings and enhanced productivity to businesses. Our trained recruiters spread across all major cities in India along with our use of cutting edge technology will equip your business with cost effective contract/temp/flexi staffing solutions that maximize efficiency, improve productivity and maintain compliance across skill sets.

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Why Stenable?

Access to talent

We have a pool of highly trained, upwardly mobile consultants with specific technical expertise to handle your essential tasks. Our Contract Recruitment Specialists maintain our network of highly qualified professionals bring an impressive array of skills and experience to choose that meet your business needs

Workforce Control

We have a dedicated team to take care of all documentation related to billing and also to ensure all of our workers follow each element our model of conduct at our client places and performance related tracking sheets to ensure you don’t waste time with working on non productive tasks

Full Compliance

As a employer of record, we manage all pay, withholding and also provide basic health insurance for all our workers

100% Satisfaction 

Constant, ongoing communication assures a smooth and successful contract experience. Any issues are addressed quickly and proactively without any disruption to your business


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